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Replacement Sony Xperia SGPT122CAS charger ac adapter cord


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Sony SGP-AC5V6 SGPAC5V6 power supply charger ac adapter + Cord For Sony Xperia Tablet S Series SGPT121 SGPT122 SGPT131 SGPT133

AC input voltage:100-240V, 50-60Hz~0.2A
DC output voltage: 5V
DC output current: 1.5A
Power: 7.5w

send the correct power cord fit your country.(USA,UK,EU,AU)

Compatible Part Numbers:


Fit Models:

Sony Xperia Tablet S Series SGPT121 SGPT122 SGPT131 SGPT133
Sony SGPT121GB 16GB Wi-Fi
Sony SGPT122GB 32GB Wi-Fi
Sony SGPT123GB 64GB Wi-Fi
Sony SGPT131GB 16GB 3G

Sony SGPT121DE 16 GB, Wi-Fi
Sony SGPT122DE 32 GB, Wi-Fi
Sony SGPT131DE 3G (16 GB)
Sony SGPT133DE 64 GB, 3G


Sony 16GB Xperia Tablet S SGPT121CAS
Sony 32GB Xperia Tablet S SGPT122CAS
Sony 16GB Xperia Tablet S SGPT121US/S
Sony 32GB Xperia Tablet S SGPT122US/S
Sony 64GB Xperia Tablet S SGPT123US/S

Sony Xperia Tablet SÚrie SGPT123FR 64 Go Wi-Fi
Sony Xperia Tablet SÚrie SGPT121FR 16 Go Wi-Fi

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