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Replacement 65w hp Pavilion dm1-3113se dm1-3120es charger ac adapter + cord


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65w 18.5v 3.5a Smart-Pin HP Pavilion dm1-3000 dm1-3100 dm1-3200 charger ac adapter power supply + cord

AC input voltage: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
DC output voltage: 18.5v
DC output current: 3.5A
Power: 65W
Connector size: 7.4 x 5.0mm

send the correct power cord fit your country.(USA,UK,EU,AU)

replace part number:

HP COMPAQ 463552-004 457685-001, 463552-001, 463552-002, 463552-003, 463552-004, 463958-001
HP COMPAQ 519329-001, 519329-002, 519329-003, 574063-001, 577170-001, 609939-001, 609948-001, 613152-001

Fit Models:

HP Pavilion dm1-3000 series
HP Pavilion dm1-3000au dm1-3001au dm1-3002au dm1-3003au
HP Pavilion dm1-3004au dm1-3005au dm1-3005xx dm1-3006au
HP Pavilion dm1-3007au dm1-3010au dm1-3014au dm1-3015au
HP Pavilion dm1-3016au dm1-3017au dm1-3018au dm1-3020us
HP Pavilion dm1-3022au dm1-3023nr dm1-3025dx dm1-3040ca
HP Pavilion dm1-3060la dm1-3070la dm1-3080la dm1-3090lca
HP Pavilion dm1z-3000

HP Pavilion dm1-3100 series
HP Pavilion dm1-3100eo dm1-3100er dm1-3100ev dm1-3100sa
HP Pavilion dm1-3100sb dm1-3101ea dm1-3101eg dm1-3101eo
HP Pavilion dm1-3101sg dm1-3105ez dm1-3110eb dm1-3110en
HP Pavilion dm1-3110eo dm1-3110ew dm1-3110ez dm1-3113ee
HP Pavilion dm1-3113se dm1-3120es dm1-3121es dm1-3125ed
HP Pavilion dm1-3125sd dm1-3130eb dm1-3130ef dm1-3130ej
HP Pavilion dm1-3130sf dm1-3130sj dm1-3135sf dm1-3170la
HP Pavilion dm1-3180eg dm1-3185eg

HP Pavilion dm1-3200 series
HP Pavilion dm1-3200au dm1-3200er dm1-3200et dm1-3200sb
HP Pavilion dm1-3200sd dm1-3200st dm1-3201au dm1-3202au
HP Pavilion dm1-3203au dm1-3205au dm1-3206au dm1-3210au
HP Pavilion dm1-3210ez dm1-3210us dm1-3211au dm1-3213au
HP Pavilion dm1-3214au dm1-3214nr dm1-3215au dm1-3216au
HP Pavilion dm1-3223se dm1-3231sf dm1-3240ca dm1-3245ca
HP Pavilion dm1-3248ca dm1-3260la dm1-3265la dm1-3270la
HP Pavilion dm1z-3200 CTO

Pls make sure the DC OUTPUT of AC adapter & Connector size are accordant before order.

Package Content
1 X AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US / UK/ EU/ AU)

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